The Rymill Family History and Family Tree

William Rymill b Abt 1737
Mary Phillips
Ann Gibbs b 1781
Walter Rymill b 1918
Nancy Ray b 1921
Living Rymills

Welcome to My Rymill Genealogy Website

"It's Blighty, p'raps, he sees;
his pluck's all gone,
Dreaming of all the valiant, that AREN'T dead:
Bold uncles, smiling ministerially;
Maybe his brave young wife, getting her fun
In some new home, improved materially.
It's not these stiffs have crazed him; nor the Hun."

From 'The Dead-Beat' by Wilfred Owen

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This site has been set up as an advert to other Rymill family members researching their family tree. So much genealogy is researched online these days that most people end up randomly Googling family members' names to try to find something useful on the internet.

By building this page I am hopeful that people Googling the Rymal Family, or the Rimell family will also find this site and come to realise that despite these spelling differences we are all on the same tree. The site will continue to expand as I collate together all the information on the branches of my tree, and those who married into the family to create the next generation of Rymills.

One element of researching our past is the need to emphasise that the maiden name of a mother is equally important as the surname of the father. This simple fact is often forgotten becuase the lure of finding someone who lived centuries earlier with the same name as us is usually overpowering. But the fact that my father is both equally a 'Rymill' and a 'Ray' must be remembered. And despite the name of this website, I am really only a quarter 'Rymill' if you look only one generation further back. With every generation further back you go, the surname that I carry becomes increasingly insignificant.

If I look only five generations back, I can tell you I am a member of each of these families:

Rymill, Adams, Wilson, Hawkes, McCulloch, Napier, Scott, Hills, Ray, Palmer, Gennoe, Edwards, Marten, Rowley, Halliday, Shepherd, Shorter, Jones, Lea, Jeffries, Holland, Mills, Monk, Davies, Lewis, Williams, Whalley, Taylor and Millington.

Without any one of these people I would not be here today, and yet so many people talk about the surname as the only element of their tree that is worthy of their time. To me, each of those familys is as much 'mine' as the Rymill name, and I research each line with the same enthusiasm. It is also a way of ensuring that this very rewarding and interesting hobby does not become exhausted of new material to research before I am bored of it.